That Congress is digging its own grave is too apparent. That it is a party full of unbelievably corrupt is also something that is established in public perception. And that win-or-lose, Arvind Kejriwal has been the man responsible for giving the maximum dent to Congress’ image in its entire history is also established! However, what is most amusing is how, during this entire fall and fall of Congress in public perception, BJP has remained a mute spectator, gaining nothing out of the whole issue.

In fact, they have been also busy digging their own grave! Every time a state-level leader with a mass following becomes powerful in BJP and acquires a stature, the big guys in Delhi seem to be too intent to kill that rise. Look at what happened to Kalyan Singh, the low-caste leader who actually helped BJP win a majority – the first and only time – in UP. He was thrown out. Look at what happened to Uma Bharti, the lady who unseated and threw out popular Digvijay Singh from power in MP. She too was eventually thrown out. Look at how they have treated Vasundhara Raje, the lady who won them Rajasthan. She has been humiliated. Look at Yeddyurappa – conceded he has been corrupt, but he was the man who won Karnataka for the BJP... He has also been effectively thrown out. And the worst of all, look at Narendra Modi, where those are BJP leaders from Delhi who have spread rumours that he is not a fit candidate to be PM.

Strange indeed are the ways of BJP wherein Raman Singh and Shivraj Singh are the only two who seem to have understood the art of staying alive in the party by not showing their might around too much! It seems that some Delhi-based BJP leaders, who apparently can win the maximum Rajya Sabha elections, are dictating terms in the party, which – unlike the Congress – seemed to be having inner party democracy in reality. For a fact, BJP is not a mother-and-son or father-and-daughter party, where anything and everything can be manipulated. However, the Delhi-based few apparently have become masters at manipulating the Delhi-based 24x7 media – which lives on hysteria and worse – and having their way. Thus, in the middle of all the Congress-bashing – when Kejriwal was in a hurry to prove that he was not a BJP man and therefore, without finishing off his Robert Vadra issue, went looking for something against BJP – Gadkari seemed to have become the collateral damage!     Read More....

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15/9/2013 08:34:01 pm

What exactly / precisely , will you do ?

Expected has come to pass
Narendrabhai Modi has been declared as the PM candidate of BJP
On TV channels , experts are offering advice to BJP / NaMo , on how they should conduct themselves PRIOR to 2014 national elections
For the voters , what matters is :
“ If BJP were to be voted to power , how will it conduct itself , AFTER the elections ? After NaMo becomes PM ? “
All that we have been hearing from NaMo and other BJP leaders , over the last one year is :

 Congress is corrupt

 UPA 2 is incompetent

 All of their policies are wrong , leading to price-rise , inflation , economic downturn etc

 They failed to do THIS and THAT

But not a word so far of what exactly / precisely , BJP / NaMo would themselves do , if voted to power !
I certainly don’t mean distribution of free laptops , tablets , mobiles , cycles ! Forget the manifesto !
As a citizen , I would like them to declare NOW , their unambiguous stand on :

 Disallowing “ convicted “ persons from contesting elections

 Bringing political parties within the ambit of RTI

 Appointment of a Lok Ayukt in Gujarat and passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill within 100 days of coming to power

 Make CBI independent of Government

 Passing Women’s Equal Representation Bill, pending for 40 years

 Electoral Reforms incorporating , “ Negative Voting / Right to Recall “

 Passing of Delivery of Services Act

 Bringing out Black Money ( both , foreign and local ) for investment in Infrastructure / Health Services / Education / Housing for the poor etc , thru suitable “ No Questions Asked “ Amnesty Schemes

 Above all ,creating 15 million jobs every year

These are , just a few of the people’s expectations
Are BJP / NaMo willing to treat these as voters’ “ Charter of Demands “ ?
We have had enough of rhetoric oratory
People are asking :

“ Forget what UPA failed to do . We know that
What will YOU do , and WHEN ?

I hope NaMo / Rajnath Singh realize that , in order to win the forthcoming State elections and , thereby pave the road to win the 2014 National election , they need to come up with honest / transparent and IMMEDIATE answers and a believable ACTION-PLAN . People are tired of mere Congress-bashing !

• hemen parekh [ 14 Sept 2013 ]


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