I am always proud of everything we do, for we do things with a lot of passion! And when it’s about a book that had been a long cherished dream, I am all the prouder! Yes, my next book CULT is now available in stores. I have co-authored it with my most cherished friend of 22 years, A. Sandeep, the Group Editor of Planman Media. The book was launched in London on the 12th of December by management icon, Guy Kawasaki, a man who has also held the enviable post of "The Chief Evangelist” at the $353.07 billion-worth Apple Inc. (m-cap as of December 14, 2011; making it the world’s second largest company by m-cap) in the past. And when he says that if Steve Jobs would have been alive, he would have been proud of this book, I have reasons to be very very proud. Here I present excerpts from one of the 36 chapters of the book! The chapter’s name is: "The Winning Losers” (Section I, Chapter 10).


If you describe yourself as the bankrupt also-ran, the sure-to-lose stooge, the dud that always flops, then welcome our dearest iconic failures, join the club of losers who will rule this century.

Loser! If that word stings you to the core of your heart, yet is the exact word that describes you completely, in every aspect, then this chapter is for you. Hello losers! You’ve reached this far – congratulations! Now allow us to usher you into this chapter hoping that you never forget the feeling of being a loser, and that you always hate every moment of it.

Before you start cursing our ten generations and beyond, let us quickly take you through the story of a few losers who, for us, embody the spirit of despondent losers.

This boy from Syracuse (New York), was labelled a dyslexic when he was just seven. His friends would harass him, and his school teachers would humiliate him. This is how he describes his early days, “I’d try to concentrate on what I was reading, then I’d get to the end of the page and have very little memory of anything I’d read. I would go blank, feel anxious, nervous, bored, frustrated, dumb. I would get angry. My legs would actually hurt when I was studying. My head ached.” He went to three different high-schools and each time, he would try to hide his disability. Soon it would be discovered, and he would be sent off to remedial reading. He raised his hands very often in class, only to ensure that his teachers noticed him and gave him extra points so that he could just about make the passing grades. Even when he had to complete his homework, he would first dictate it to his elder sister, make her write it down, and then copy it word to word.     Read More....

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very well said, anyway, for me it's ok to lose, because when you feel the feeling of winning it's such a great victory, a feeling that is really fulfilling, losing is just a stepping stone to achieve the "winning".

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