A magazine in 14 languages? Everyone even slightly serious about media – the seniors in the fraternity included – had genuinely laughed when we had bounced the idea off them! They gave tens of reasons why the idea was not worth it and why the same would not be successful. The reasons given were very logical ones though. We don’t want to undermine anyone’s intelligence or reasoning; but they were totally right in their own ways and were not trying to pull me down. They were trying to be helpful... it was just that our definition of success differed from their definition. As our magazine The Sunday Indian completes five years, I can say that financially, we haven’t yet become successful – so all of them were right. We started breaking even as a media house only one month ago, after about seven years of struggle. It has not been an easy journey.

But financial success was never our benchmark of success. For me, personally, success is always a competition with self-imposed standards of excellence. And if I am convinced that excellence has been achieved, then I go into the market and fight it out against all odds. Thus, we have always believed in striving for world class and then going all out to market it. We have failed when the product failed to live up to the expected standards; but then, we’ve reworked and bounced back. Our institute fought out and won against the biggest of established names despite being tagged rank outsiders! Our movies did the same! And now our media house is doing the same!

Losing or winning is not success. Success is the courage to undertake great journeys. And this has been our toughest, and therefore greatest journey! Personally, I loved being called a guy who knew nothing about media; even being told that our media venture was a joke! And all this by very senior people I respect a lot, even today. Again, the gentlemen who said these things didn’t know what we had set out to achieve. So they were right in their own ways. We did know less about media – especially the dirt in it. Truthfully, I didn’t know anything about media the way others knew. For me, media has always been a vehicle to take a message to the larger masses – something that is not told by those who want to maintain status quo in the name of media. The discussions and debates in accented English that we were having inside the walls of IIPM classrooms, we wanted to take to those who were outside the classrooms in their mother tongue languages. Inside the classrooms, we teach around sixty students in one go; through media, we could reach out to six lakhs! And hopefully one day, sixty crores.

Media is to us a way of teaching the reality of things all around in simple words, in the language closest to the hearts of the people. We are teachers and not just reporters. So we have never believed in giving news alone. We have given news that has been opinionated and that has clearly taken positions; positions which are honest and committed to the masses regardless of being left of the centre or right. Despite our hearts being in the left of the centre, we ripped apart the Indian Leftists when they went wrong; and yet, didn’t waste moments before supporting them wholeheartedly when they went against the government on the nuclear issue. Only the Leftists as per us had the intellect to call a spade a spade in the midst of sold-out politicians in general. We have felt Sonia revived the Congress and was doing a great job in her last run. And yet, this time we have ripped through her inability to tackle corruption, and that too almost inside her own house. We went the complete mile in supporting Anna’s crusade; yet, minced no words when we felt that he needed to be less stubborn. We praised Modi for his exemplary work in Gujarat...

And yet, we showed our extreme disappointment that the BJP could not take advantage of the massive opportunity they got during this endless phase of corruption-related exposes within the Congress. All in all, I think not a single politician can say that they could predict our stories or that they could get a story planted in our magazine. Being outsiders has its advantages. We are accessible to none – and party with none. So we are completely unbiased and hard-hitting when it comes to bringing truth to the front.     Read More....

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