There are ads, and then there are those 10 that have personified the concept of how branding can be made to work for the product most efficiently and effectively. From creativity to brand recall, from concept to execution, these 10 advertisements have gotten our attention; thanks to the commitment of the teams that created them. We present you with our review of the top three ads.

What’s yours is mine

Advertiser: Airtel Internet
Baseline: "Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai"
Agency: Taproot India

4Ps B&M Take: Well friends, they seem to have done it again. Taproot created waves with their ‘Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai’ (HFZ) jingle for brand Airtel last August. So when we heard that they were working on a similar ‘friendship theme’ for another communiqué for the telco this August, we were pretty certain that they would not be able to better HFZ which became a rage among youngsters. But guess Taproot India just loves to prove us wrong. You can accuse the new jingle – released on 5th August Friendship Day – and its execution of being ‘inspired’ by the previous one, but it is just as catchy, as natty and as groovy as they come. And more pertinently, it is highly relevant to the target audience with just the right dose of consumer insight woven around the concept of sharing. Cashing in on the current fashion among the young and the young at heart to ‘share’ everything online with their friends, acquaintances and everyone else, the very-hummable jingle supports the core promise of Airtel Internet to enable easy sharing and staying connected with friends online via mobile phones. The accompanying visuals – youngsters having fun on an open-top bus in Mumbai rains, constantly sharing pics and updates via social media – are simple yet provocative and endorse the core promise. Not understated and classy, this one’s loud and in your face – but in a way that wows!
Aam aadmi’s paatshala

Advertiser: Kaun Banega Crorepati
Baseline: “Gyan Hi Aapko Aapka Haq Dilata Hai”
Agency: Leo Burnett India

4Ps B&M Take: When the inimitable Mr. Bachchan really sets out to woo the junta, Sony Entertainment Television need only sit back and watch the returns literally jingle their way in. Last year Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 5 promos became the most recalled promos on the idiot box. If the first few promos released this year are any yardstick, Season 6 promises to be no different. This year the reigning theme to woo viewers back to the million dollar quiz show is about how knowledge is the great leveler in a nation riddled with social and economic inequalities. Even better, the message is not delivered in the usual somber mood as is the norm for such socially relevant communications. Instead, laced with superbly crafted storyboards and a dash of understated satire, the promos pack a punch. So one promo has Hindi-medium educated Bhaskar gunning all his life for the big prizes in friends, love and career, but eventually making the cut of acceptability only by showcasing his knowledge and winning a big KBC booty; another weaves itself around the concept of the unwanted girl child and how she gives it back to society by doling out the right answers on the sets of KBC; and yet another has the son of an economically underprivileged father – always losing out to sons of the ‘bade baap’ (rich fathers) – and how he makes his ‘poor’ father proud by flaunting his common sense on KBC. It’s tough to keep viewers coming back for a quiz show each year. But the drama and benefit focus in successive KBC promos are half the job done anyway.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2013

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But the drama and benefit focus in successive KBC promos are half the job done anyway.


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