The fact that Farmville may soon be made unavailable on Facebook is certainly a bad news for over 80 million users hooked onto their virtual farms day in and day out – it is reported that the partnership between Facebook (evidently the world’s largest social networking site with close to 500 million users) and Zynga (the $4 billion worth gaming company and the creator of Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, YoVille, et al) is at rocks with Facebook revising the terms of agreement between the two parties. Under the revised agreement, Facebook will be reportedly entitled to claim 30% commission on the financial transactions made through the site for Farmville, where players spend real money on virtual items to move ahead and level up in the game. While it is believed that Zynga now has the resources and capabilities to leave the platform of Facebook and open its own portal, gaming experts claim the move will be a huge loss for Facebook as there is a huge chunk of users who’ve registered only for the game. Duh!

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