Already known globally, Nirvana Films is amongst the fastest growing production houses in India. 4Ps B&M catches up with its founder, Prakash Varma

You were into Malayalam feature films for over three years, and had also worked as a director. With such experience, when you started Nirvana Films in 2001, how difficult or easy was it for you to get your first client?
Having been in the industry and knowing the tricks of the trade, it was not that difficult to sneak in and seek work. But then, proving ourselves was certainly the most difficult task. I was really lucky to get the opportunity to prove myself. During those initial days, I took up everything that came my way and tried to put in everything that I could.

What is the most challenging work that you have done till date?
I am not trying to be diplomatic but every single work is challenging, simply for the fact that we cannot take anything for granted. So, every single project that we have worked on was challenging. A director always stays dependant on many people and the toughest job is to get all these people to think along the same lines to get the job done to perfection. That’s the most challenging part of any film because every person is different.

There has been no dearth of metals for you and Nirvana Films in this short period of time. After these achievements, do you still think that awards are a great motivating factor or do you believe that actions speak louder than words?
For me awards are something that definitely gives a lot of satisfaction. However, what matters the most is the success of the project and what people talk about it. Here, I am not talking about the ad guys alone. It includes people from different walks of life. When they say ‘good’, it brings in a feeling that is much better than any award.

Is your pitching process today any different from the day when you went out to a client for the very first time?
This is something that I have never thought about. I have never got in to the marketing strategies or any kind of pitching process. I have been lucky because from the beginning itself I have tried to do justice to whatever I have got. Maybe that has worked for me.

Who all are your biggest clients at present?
Vodafone, Bajaj, Incredible India... and lots and lots actually.

Do you have any regrets from your professional life?
Absolutely none. I am so so so glad.

What is your current career goal?
See, the most common answer at this stage of life is obviously that people want to get in to a bigger medium, the feature films. And my answer is no different. More so, for the fact that I have come from the same background and I have spent quiet some time in the industry. I would love to continue with ad films for the rest of my life, but I would also love to do couple of bigger films when I get an opportunity to do so.

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