ICMR-4Ps B&M brings to you inet, a comprehensive ranking of India's Most popular websites after a thorough and comprehensive analysis with research inputs from primary as well as secondary sources
4Ps Business & Marketing magazine, in association with Indian Council for Market Research (ICMR), conducted a perception survey among Internet users to identify India’s most popular websites. Here’s how we did it:


The first phase of the research was initiated with a single question to the respondents, “Which are your top five most preferred websites?”
This survey was conducted among 1,000 respondents across India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. The respondents included students, housewives, working professionals and others to generate a list of preferred websites across various categories. Based on the frequency of responses, the websites were first sorted and placed into their respective categories. The following is the list of categories covered under the survey.

As per the table given above, 23 broad categories were taken into consideration for the next phase of the survey. In order to conduct one-on-one interviews, structured questionnaires were designed. The research was conducted in five major cities of India – New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai; with an aggregate sample size of 1,089 respondents.

The respondent profile varied across different categories with their respective age groups, gender and education levels. Each of the respondents was asked to rate the websites on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) on the following parameters:

User Friendliness: The main goal of a website is to provide its visitors with a pleasant and fulfilling experience. User friendliness includes factors such as page loading speed, accessibility, navigation and information.

Look/Design: The parameter of look/design is also considered important as it creates the first impression on the visitor. The look/design of the website is primarily based on colours, graphics, white spaces and other technical factors.
Content Quality: A website is known for its content quality apart from the overall look and design. The content quality/credibility of a website is what drives a visitor to make frequent visits to the website.

Trustworthiness: At present, there are a number of websites available for online shopping, money transfer, photo/video sharing and other transactions. In this context, overall privacy and security are all the more important for a visitor to a particular site.

Overall Satisfaction: This parameter was included to ascertain the respondents’ perception on the website in a holistic sense.

The final overall ranking is a weighted average of Alexa rankings and the ICMR survey rankings. As per expert opinion and peer review, Alexa rankings have been given 30% and ICMR rankings have been given 70% weightage.

[Editors Note: Researcher should note that Alexa rankings, similar to any other Internet ranking tool, can be manipulated to a larger extent than can primary responses from a sample. Researchers should also note that a few websites that could have scored extremely high on Alexa rankings might have very low Alexa score because of their internal server security that may prohibit Alexa’s Internet crawlers from accessing their websites (typical examples include Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail et al)] Subsequently, certain websites have featured in the ICMR survey list but do not have an Alexa ranking. Hence these websites have not been considered in the overall ranking but their individual scores have been revealed in the following pages. Also, while many websites rank high in their respective categories, they may have slipped down in overall rankings because other websites have more mass functions (search engines, social networking, web portals, et al).

Note: The Alexa rankings we have considered for the respective websites are ranks as on August 13, 2012. Also, certain categories have been omitted in the second phase of the survey e.g. Torrent sites, websites with adult content, et al.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2013

An Initiative of IIPMMalay Chaudhuri and Arindam chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist).

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Also, certain categories have been omitted in the second phase of the survey e.g. Torrent sites, websites with adult content, et al.


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