WB is india’s gateway to hollywood! we deliver a premium hollywood viewing experience at home to hollywood enthusiasts

What was the rationale behind launching Warner Bros. in India?
WB, the English entertainment channel that offers Hollywood enthusiasts, the biggest movies, hottest action, best dramas, funniest series and the brightest stars from one of the world’s biggest and most respected Hollywood Studios – Warner Bros. In fact, WB was launched on March 15, 2009, post an extensive research done across geographies and demographics to tune-in our programming with the English entertainment needs of TV viewers across the country. Even the viewers response to WB has been great. When WB was launched in March 2009 it was at the number 3 position with 12% relative share. And so has been the advertiser response with the average monthly billing on WB being up by 25% in 2010 over 2009. In the launch year itself, the channel attracted 60 plus brands. Within the first half of 2010 we already have 26 new brands on the channel.

What kind of viewers are you looking at and how has been the channel’s reach so far?
WB is aimed at the upscale, affluent Indian audience between the ages of 18 and 44 years with a colossal appetite for Hollywood’s best, around the clock. As far as the reach is concerned, the channel within the first year of its launch has already been distributed in approximately 50% households reached by the more established players in the genre.

What is it that actually differentiates WB from the lot?
Competition is extremely important and healthy! As one of the oldest and established broadcasting companies of India, Turner is adept at holding its own in the dynamic media and entertainment space. In fact, currently within the English entertainment genre, we operate two very strong, yet distinct channels in India – HBO and WB. HBO recently completed 10 years and WB is one year old. HBO is our premiere movie destination and WB is a channel for Hollywood aficionados. WB is a channel for movie lovers; it is like owning your personal DVD collection. Anytime you switch on the channel it shows movies that you love to watch, enjoy watching and were wanting to watch.

What all titles can these movie aficionados expect from WB in the near future?
As the destination for Hollywood aficionados, WB is like owning a personal DVD collection. The channel at any time is always playing favourites. 9:00 p.m. on Saturday nights, WB offers you to relive the cinema experience by watching some of the best movies with just a single two-minute break! In the coming months, WB will be launching the animated version of George Lucas’ cult, science fiction series – Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The series was a huge success internationally. This will be followed by the premiere of Human Target, a new action thriller series. WB also has an exciting slew of premiere shows under its WB Breakfast Franchise such as Good Morning Miami, Four Kings, New Adventures Of Old Christine. In fact, in 2010 alone WB is adding 200 titles.

Though a majority of Indians do speak English fluently, not many can follow all the dialogues in the English films. So, can showing a movie with subtitle make a big difference?
WB is about delivering a premium Hollywood viewing experience at home to Hollywood enthusiasts. We are evaluating this but are yet to see a co-relation and the true value addition of subtitles in this context.

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