There are ads, and then there are those 10 that have personified the concept of how branding can be made to work for the product most efficiently and effectively. From creativity to brand recall, from concept to execution, these 10 advertisements have gotten our attention; thanks to the commitment of the teams that created them. We present you with our review of the top three ads.
Advertiser: Honda
Baseline: Sach kar denge sapne
Agency: Dentsu Marcom

4Ps B&M Take: Once in a while, there comes an ad that just leaves you with a warm, good, tingly feeling and the latest ad from Honda India’s stable does just that. Emotive lyrics, superb cinematography, hand picked visuals from real life moments of middle class, urban Indians that leave you fondly nostalgic. This ad effectively captures the desire and ambition of the audiences to make their dreams come true. Of course, the Honda motorcycle is presented as the solution to ride the race of life faster. And the line “Bas zaroorat hai in sapno ko thodi si raftaar ki” (our dreams only need a little acceleration) poetically encapsulates the message. Honda has broken into the 6 million units a year executive commuter segment with this bike. Till recently, a joint venture with Hero had prevented Honda from directly tapping into this mass segment of the two-wheeler industry. The television commercial is likewise geared to position Honda as a heavyweight in this segment from day one. Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who has recently been roped in as the Japanese two-wheeler major’s brand ambassador, is the narrator who ties up the entire TVC together. Poetic lyrics like ‘’Hamare paas sapne hai kilo ke hisaab se, aur samay atthanni bhar’’ are spot-on. Sure, it’s a hundred seconds long film and may have even been a tad monotonous had the visuals and lyrics not been so compelling. But overall, positive vibes all around on this one. Our #2!
Baseline: Find better
Agency: Dentsu Marcom

4Ps B&M Take: Funny, ingenious and culturally attuned to the taste of Indian audiences. The line just about sums up the creative that is keeping the target audience amused these days. The ad showcases two job hunters waiting for their turn with the interviewer. Both have a slew of good luck charms with them to enable them to land this job. In a bid to make the other nervous about his chances, they begin indulging in a bit of a one-upmanship as far as the lucky charms are concerned. One guy shows the horse-shoe ring that he is carrying with himself, while the other one makes his comeback with a Nimbu-Mirchi charm. Next, the bracelets and evil-eyes come out. But the funniest is when one of them brings out his mom – who dutifully gives best wishes to her son no sooner than she is fished out from the bag. Well, agrees. They specifically asked their agency to weave an ad around this mindset after a recent study they conducted which gave Monster the insight that most Indians carry a good luck charm on big occasions such as a job interview. Incidentally, the research, which surveyed over 4,000 people, indicates that almost seventy percent of India believes that ‘luck’ plays an important role in finding a job. So, while the two job seekers are still fighting their ‘charm’ battle, the interviewer walks out with a completely new third chap who apparently has already landed the job. The selected candidate pulls out his smartphone, which has a Monster application for job seekers. The final message from the advertiser? ‘Get lucky, get active on’. Now that’s what we call clever weaving of consumer insight into your brand promise. Quite a monstrous effort surely!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012

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